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Nose Art on Restored WWII Warbirds: A Video

Nose art on Lockheed C-60A Lodestar, 42-55918, "Classy Chassy"

The inscription of art work on military planes dates to World War I, when paintings often depicted extravagant company or unit insignia.

Nose art was a morale booster, and those in daily combat needed that boost. Facing the prospect of death on every flight, the crew deserved all of the encouragement, and smiles, available to them.

The art on the plane unified the crew, and identified it, and made it unique from all of the aircraft in their unit or on their base. Nose art continued to be popular in World War II.

Today, nose art continues on restored warbirds. This video highlights some of the nose art painted on WWII warbirds. The video includes some easy listening music, so turn up your volume and enjoy a visit with these famous airplanes!

Like all YouTube videos, you can mute the music, and also play full-screen if you desire.