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F-84F Thunderstreak Survivors: A Video

F-84F Thunderstreak, Buzz Number FS-432, on display at the March Field Air Museum in California

The swept-wing Republic F-84F Thunderstreak evolved from the straight-wing F-84 Thunderjet. The "F" model incorporated such aerodynamic improvements as swept back wings, due to the success of the North American Aviation F-86 Sabre. It also featured improved tail and elevator surfaces, a smaller canopy and a redesigned windscreen. With these improvements, the F-84F was introduced in 1949 as a competitor to the F-86.

The reconnaissance version, the RF-84F Thunderflash, featured engine air intakes at the wing roots plus cameras in the nose.

A total of 3,426 Thunderstreaks and Thunderflashes would ultimately be built. Today, there are about 60 F-84F survivors in the United States, and more around the world ... highlights of these survivors are featured in this video.

This video features some easy listening music, so turn up the volume, and enjoy! Like all YouTube videos, you can mute the music, and also play full-screen if you desire.