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F-100 Super Sabre Survivors: A Video

F-100 Super Sabre on display at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson, Arizona

The F-100 Super Sabre was a swept-wing supersonic jet that served in the U. S. Air Force from 1954 to 1971; it remained active in the Air National Guard until 1979.

The F-100 was the first Air Force jet fighter plane capable of supersonic speed in level flight. The jet fighter had a service ceiling above 50,000 feet and a range of more than 1,000 statute miles.

During its service career, the F-100 was deployed around the world, from Europe to Africa to Asia. It saw extensive service during the Viet Nam War.

By 1972, the F-100 had been effectively phased out of active US Air Force service, with remaining F-100s assigned to Air National Guard tactical fighter groups and squadrons. It also saw service in the air forces of several other countries.

A total of 2,294 F-100s would ultimately be built. Today, there are only about 30 F-100 survivors, many of which are featured in this video.

This video features some easy listening music, so turn up the volume, and enjoy! Like all YouTube videos, you can mute the music, and also play full-screen if you desire.