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Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress "Short Bier"

B-17G Flying Fortress "Short Bier"

This B-17G, S/N 44-83663 "Short Bier," was manufactured by Douglas Aircraft in Long Beach, California, and delivered to the USAAF on May 1, 1945.

After stints serving in South America and in other collections, in the spring of 1987 the plane was acquired for restoration and display at the Hill Aerospace Museum.

Even though the engines were still being "run up" periodically the aircraft had deteriorated to being non-airworthy. The aircraft was dismantled by a crew from Hill AFB and transported back to the base via C-5 Galaxy. There the B-17 was reassembled and restored.

Other Surviving B-17 Flying Fortresses

A total of 39 surviving B-17 airframes are located in the United States. Eight (8) B-17s are still airworthy today. An additional eighteen (18) B-17s are on static display around the United States, and thirteen (13) aircraft are undergoing restoration or are in storage.

Seven (7) more B-17s are located in the UK, France and Brazil.

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B-17 Flying Fortress "Short Bier" Photos by Airplanes Online

B-17G Flying Fortress "Short Bier" - S/N 44-83663 - at the Hill Aerospace Museum in Ogden, Utah

B-17G "Short Bier" - S/N 44-83663 - on display in Ogden, Utah

B-17G Flying Fortress "Short Bier" - S/N 44-83663

Nose view of B-17G "Short Bier" - S/N 44-83663

B-17G Flying Fortress "Short Bier" - S/N 44-83663

Close-up of engine on Nose view of B-17G "Short Bier" - S/N 44-83663