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Recent Aviation News of Note
Delta inducts first Airbus A220 into its fleet
Delta Air Lines - 10/26/2018
Cathay Pacific, Boeing to donate world's first 777 to aviation museum
Cathay Pacific - 09/17/2018
The A220: A fresh livery, and integrated in Airbus' jetliner family
Airbus - 07/10/2018
FedEx orders 24 Boeing widebody freighters worth $6.6 billion at list
BizJournals - 06/19/2018
Qatar Airways is first airline to receive A350-1000
Airbus - 02/21/2018
Pinal Airpark: Take a look inside Arizona's 'airplane graveyard'
ABC 15 Arizona - 02/12/2018
Airbus Rolls Out First A321neo ACF
Airbus - 01/05/2018
Airbus Rolls Out First A321neo ACF airliner
Retired Delta 747 makes final landing at Pinal Airpark
Tucson News Now - 01/03/2018
Last Boeing 747 of Delta Air Lines lands at the Pinal Airpark in Arizona in January of 2018
Airbus, Indigo Partners finalize orders for 430 A320neo family aircraft
Airbus - 12/28/2017
Airbus delivers 50th A320 Family aircraft assembed in the U.S.
Airbus - 12/15/2017
Airbus delivers 50th A320 Family airliner at its Mobile, Alabama assembly plant
Boeing, Aviation PLC Deliver Philippine Airlines' 10th 777-300ER
Boeing - 12/15/2017
Boeing 777-300ER of Phillipines Airlines
Delta Air Lines places order for 100 A321neo ACF aircraft
Airbus - 12/14/2017
Delta Air Lines Airbus A321
Singapore Airlines' First A380 with New Cabin Products Arrives in Singapore
Singapore Airlines - 12/14/2017
Embraer Delivers 1,400th E-Jet to American Airlines
Embraer - 12/06/2017
American Airlines Embraer E-Jet
Boeing, SCAT Airlines finalize Order for Six 737 MAX8
Boeing - 11/16/2017
Boeing, FlyDubai Sign Historic deal for 225 737 MAX Airplanes
Boeing - 11/15/2017
Fly Dubai Boeing 737
Parked in the Pyrenees, A380 Awaits New Owner or Scrapyard
Stuff NZ - 11/13/2017
Emirates places US$15.1 billion order for 40 Boeing 787 Dreamliners at 2017 Dubai Airshow
  Emirates - 11/12/2017
Emirates Boeing 787 Dreamliner
United Airlines retires last Boeing 747s to Victorville
Air Canada retired one of its Boeing 767-300 to Pinal Airpark
News In Flight - 10/22/2017
Air Canada Boeing 767 being stored at the Pinal Airpark in Arizona
Zurich Airport has placed spotter holes inside fences
Aviation 24 - 10/12/2017
He Flew One of the Last Southwest 737-300 Classics to the Boneyard and the new 737-8MAX in the Same Weekend - 10/02/2017
Southwest Sends Oldest 737s to Graveyard as Max Joins Fleet
Bloomberg - 09/29/2017
Delta enlists soon-to-be-retired Boeing 747 in Irma exodus
Bloomberg - 09/08/2017
Singapore Airlines Retires First A380 Ever Delivered
Airways Magazine - 08/25/2017
Southwest Airlines retiring older 737s to Victorville
San Bernardino Sun - 08/23/2017
USAF may purchase Boeing 747-8 jets N894BA and N895BA stored at SCLA Victorville in California as new Air Force One
Defense One - 08/01/2017
Boeing 747-8 ... future USAF Air Force One
Where planes go, they follow: the rise of plane spotting and how airports are embracing their biggest fans
Airways Magazine - 06/29/2017
Boeing, United Airlines Announce Order for 100 737 MAX 10s and four 777-300ER aircraft
Boeing - 06/20/2017
Boeing launches larger capacity 737 MAX 10 at 2017 Paris Air Show
Boeing - 06/19/2017
Boeing Celebrates Rollout of First 737 MAX 9
Boeing - 03/07/2017
Boeing 737 MAX 9 Rollout
What happens when New Zealand's passenger jets are retired?
Stuff - 03/31/2017
Boeing Debuts 787-10 Dreamliner
Boeing - 02/17/2017
Boeing Debuts 787-10 Dreamliner
United Airlines retiring Boeing 747 fleet by end of 2017
Bloomberg - 01/11/2017
United Airlines Boeing 747 being retired in 2017
American Airlines McDonnell Douglas MD-80s retired to Roswell International Air Center
Forbes - 08/29/2016


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